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Geek Squad Tech Support- 4 Simple Ways to Disable Your Laptop Keyboard

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but not probably spill it over your laptop keyboard; and in case you did anything like this, you might probably be looking for a fix. Hence, Geek Squad Tech Support is all-set to help you out!

The best thing that you can do if your computer isn’t really fried, is disabling the laptop keyboard, and consider to use an external USB powered keyboard for working with your laptop.

We have collected many possible ways to do in that scenario. Below, the first four ways are for your general Windows computers.

Scroll through, and let us know, how these fixes worked out for you! Always remember to perform a backup, so that you can undo any of the disastrous changes.

Four Ways to Disable Your Laptop Keyboard

First Solution

The first solution of Geek Squad Tech Support is as follows-

Our experts advise the following process actually removes the laptop keyboard, instead of disabling it-

  • Go to the start menu of your laptop
  • Type ‘device manager’, and press enter
  • Click at device manager
  • Locate keyboard in the Device Manager
  • Click at the ‘+’ sign for accessing a drop down menu in order to disable the keyboard driver
  • A restart is normally needed to make it permanent or uninstall it

Second Solution

The best-liked solution of Geek Squad Support suggests installing a third party device manager,right from CNET.

Some of the users had success in installing a third party device manager, which allowed them to disable their laptop keyboard driver, rather than removing it.

It is important that you make a restore save point somewhere at your Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating system, so that you can roll any changes back in case you mess something up.

A restore disk is also advised by our Geek Squad Tech Support experts for your PC.

Third Solution

Some users face struggle disabling the Windows 7 laptop keyboard, however not a third party wireless keyboard asno ‘Disable’ option is available on this laptop. So, whenever they try uninstalling it, they are forced to restart, at that point the driver gets reinstalled. So, this solution by Geek Squad Support intentionally employs an incompatible driver.

The solution goes on as follows:

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Choose ‘Update Driver’
  • If stimulated to ‘use the existing drivers or check online’, go for ‘existing drivers only’
  • Show the incompatible drivers (or unselect ‘Use only the compatible drivers’)
  • Select one
  • Restart
  • Your laptop keyboard (plus touchpad) should be disablednow

If you wish to restore the keyboard, our Geek Squad Tech Support experts advise you to:

  • Choose the compatible driver
  • Restart

Fourth Solution

Here, it is a verified solution by Geek Squad Tech Support experts for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 users.

It follows the exact basic format as in the above solutions, with a warning that if there isn’t Disable option available, then the default laptop’s keyboard will get automatically detected, and reinstalled in case the Device Manager starts scanning for the new hardware.

In that point, you will get to repeat the elimination process again.

Furthermore, if you want to know anything regarding this topic, feel free to talk to our Geek Squad Support experts.

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